FASTSEWN is automating the sewing industry one stitch at a time

We are developing the next generation of fully automated sewing and cutting systems. Want to learn more?

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How are we doing it?

We have invented a new patented processing method called MCT

Movable Cavity Technology

Our Capabilities Using MCT™

We are working very hard to grow the capabilities of the current technology. Below are just some of the applications that we have been able to improve and include in current technology.


As the sewing process requires access to both sides of the material, FASTSEWN with MCT™ has the perfect solution.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutters have in the past required a large amount of vacuum in order to extract fumes. MCT™ uses much less vacuum.

Ultrasonic Welding

By utilizing the flexibility of conveyor belts and our new MCT™, the size of CNC-controlled ultrasonic welders and cutters can be reduced significantly. This will both save you cost and space.

Dual sided processing

As far as dual sided processing, we are not finished developing all of the new processes. MCT™ is dedicated to enabling completely new manufacturing processes which will save you both time and money.

We Tick Every Box

Fully Automated

When running the machine, the material will be automatically fed into the machine by use of our patented conveyor system.

Fully Digital

The machine is digitally automated without manual operation. With our technology One-Piece Flow Manufacturing is now a possibility.

Easy to use

Operating the machine is very easy and does not need any highly skilled operators to complete the operations. This enables easy rollouts to new production facilities.

Bring back production

Our new system allows for sewing to be done without skilled labor so it is possible to reshore products while saving CO₂ emissions, time and transportation costs.

We have partnered with leading companies in the industry

In order to bring FASTSEWN to market, we have partnered with industry leading companies

ACG Kinna Automatic is one of the world’s most experienced manufacturer of innovative automation solutions, specialized in sewing machines for filled pillows, quilts and mattress protectors
SKOVTEX is a comprehensive supplier of embroidery, sewing, and specialty machines. They offer new and used embroidery, sewing, laser and specialty machines from top brands. They are specialists in sewing and provide service, support, and training.
Henderson Sewing Machine Co, Inc founded in 1968, is a global supplier of industrial sewing machines, sewing machine parts, and custom automated sewing machines for the sewn products industry.

Our Mission

Mikkelsen Innovation’s goal is to revolutionize one of the largest industries worldwide – the Textile Industry. This sector employs a staggering 300 million people globally, with 45 million individuals predominantly using manual sewing machines that rely on century-old technology. The Textile Industry is currently facing a pressing need for accessible and efficient automation solutions. Unlike many other industries, it has not yet fully embraced the automation trends that have become commonplace.

Our diverse international team of engineers and experts has successfully developed an ingenious solution by harnessing Moving Cavity Technology (MCT™). This technology is seamlessly integrated with proven CNC machine technology to create a pioneering system known as FASTSEWN™. Through this integration, we have achieved a patented system that enables precise digitally controlled sewing and cutting of textiles. This innovation dramatically diminishes the need for manual labor allowing the Textile Industry to consider shifting its production closer to its Western markets which will result in reducing the reliance and cost of offshoring. The implementation of our technology for localized textile production will give you shorter runs and the potential to curtail overproduction and transportation times, thereby lowering overall costs.

Our initial focus centers on technical textiles used in various applications such as automotive, medical, filtration, ventilation, military, and graphics. While automation of garment production is on our roadmap, we’re prioritizing these technical textiles sectors for now.

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