FASTSEWN was invented in 2021 by Steen Mikkelsen

Steen Mikkelsen is a driven innovator, continuing his career in creating new groundbreaking developments in CNC technology.

True innovation is reserved for those who are curious enough to discover and see the future and dedicated enough to build it with a solid foundation. Steen Mikkelsen has extensive experience and that rare quality to hit upon an idea that he can transform from his head to fruition in the production world. He is a proven innovator and has used his curious mind making a difference, a true Pioneer.

For more than 25 years, he has worked with technical innovations and business development. Always with the same approach: His ability to see new possibilities by new unique recombinations of technology and automation.

The graphic industry is familiar with his innovative solutions such as i-cut vision, which became the industry standard within digital cutting of graphics. The machine vision and machine motion inventions by Steen and his teams are now utilized in virtually all digital cutters, routers, lasers, in the digital print world.

Steen Mikkelsen built two companies. First, Mikkelsen Graphic Engineering Inc. and then, together with his son, Mikkelsen Converting Technology. He sold them both to large international companies and is now focusing on disrupting the textile industry. A mega-industry that still has not solved the sewing automation challenge.

Our Values

Innovative Excellence

At FASTSEWN we thrive on innovation, encouraging our engineers to think creatively and challenge norms. We value curiosity, embrace technology, and aim to lead with cutting-edge solutions.

Collaborative Integrity

Our foundation thrives on transparent communication and mutual respect, welcoming diverse perspectives that enrich our work. Upholding ethics and honesty, we ensure a trustworthy environment for stakeholders, customers, and employees.

Sustainable Impact

Beyond efficiency, we engineer for a better world. Our solutions don't just solve problems; they're environmentally and socially responsible, creating a positive, lasting effect on the planet and society.

Better business

There is no formula for great innovation. It is a result of what we create together. It is our future.

We see a future with demands for change. We see demand for bringing production back home to the local areas. It creates greater agility, consistent quality, and produces only what is needed. Overproduction should never be good business. We see a need for new solutions where sustainability goes hand in hand with a solid business.

That is why we see FASTSEWN as our future.

These People Make It Happen

Our team is working hard bringing FESTSEWN to market!

Steen B. Mikkelsen

Founder & CEO (DK)

Steve Aranoff

Business Development (US)

Søren Niebuhr

Advisor (DK)

Rasmus Hedeager

Head of Development (DK)

The Engineering Team

Thank you to our amazing team of engineers as well!

Michael Skov

Sewing Specialist (DK)

Augusta Krarup

Student Assistant (DK)