The Next Generation in Sewing Automation.

We are proud to present our patented process called MCT, learn more on this page

What is MCT?

FASTSEWN relies on a patented new innovative system called MCT or Moving Cavity Technology. The system utilizes a conveyorized flatbed combined with a specialized vacuum hold-down system. There is a series of pulleys and rollers that create a movable cavity in the flatbed surface. This movable cavity allows access to the underside of the textiles, i.e. the undercarriage of the sewing machine to work without moving the textiles. This is achieved without strapping the fabric into frames. This practically eliminates any manual handling, which is in many cases 80% of the total production time.

The concept in action

Now you may wonder, does this actually work? YES! Last fall, we designed, built, and tested our very first prototype. 

The Prototype 2.0 has now also been completed. It demonstrates the MCT in action with both sewing and laser cutting.

See the test in the video.

Machine measurements

Why will this change the industry?

Here are some of  the key areas where FASTSEWN differs from the current technologies:

FESTSEWN does not rely on rigid frames

No manual loading and off-loading of parts

Sewing and cutting in one combined system

Less handling and saves time

Just in time – One Piece Flow Production

On demand digitized production

Continues Production from Stock Rolls

Only 1 operator required to restock the machine

CNC Operated

Consistent precision and quality sewing and cutting.

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What can be automated?

FABRICS: Most types of fabrics can be used with the FASTSEWN CNC technology. Depending on the material, you can stack one, two, or more layers in rolls or sheets to be sewn and cut together.

Any 2D shape or flat design such as banners, bags, flags, pillows, duvets, table mats, tarps, fabric tubes, and airbags are easily handled.

Product sizes can be as long as a roll of fabric and up to 3.3 meters wide.

Sewing stitch type: Lock stitch. More types are in development.

Cutting method: CO2 laser cutter or knife cutting.

The FASTSEWN team is working hard to develop further capabilities of the automation system. We are currently developing automated hemming of sewn products. Stay tuned for additional information later in 2023.

We are also confident that entrepreneurs and creative minds using the FASTSEWN system will develop all-new sewn, sealed & cut products that have been impractical and too costly to produce in the past.

Feel free to contact us regarding fabric types and applications.

Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you might have and to help you start your journey toward full automation of your sewn goods production.

Faster and better

One FASTSEWN system would replace approximately 8 – 10 seamstresses/seamsters per shift. This would provide an ROI of approximately 12 to 18 months. Multiple shift operations provide even faster payback. 

With the higher production output, many of the employees such as seamstresses/seamsters can be trained and moved into other areas within the production process. In-house sewing will be automated so you don’t have to hire trained sewing personnel – who in many areas can be difficult or impossible to find.

Very little training will be needed with the easy-to-use PC interface which is very similar to the widely used digital cutting solutions. This means limited minimal training is required.

FASTSEWN is very excited to announce that our first prototype is already demonstrating the patented material handling solution. You will see the fabrics are secured with a vacuum system while giving access to a moving sewing head on a flatbed surface. We are using our patented conveyor and our prototype is up and running with exceptional results.

The next phase in our project is the integration of the sewing head and a laser cutting module. 

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